Welcome to the future

Sales and Marketing will never be the same
Point of Presence capability delivered over a WiFi ecosystem

What Do We Do?

The Basic Guest access will give visitor profile analytics, who they are when they are in the store or venue and for how long. When linked with our Retail Management Server and YoBeacon™ the track and trace, positioning and context messaging become a unique and powerful real-time marketing tool.

Our Unique YoBeacon™ provides heat maps of the visitor moving throughout the store or venue. Visitors who opt into the service via the guest access can be linked to their buying activity through our RMS to the customers CRM, which can be used to provide future bespoke offers.

The system can present entry Non-App dependent messages and offers that are targeted and context-specific. By allowing visitors to access point of interest (PoI) files on specific products enables greater influence on purchasing decisions.


Yo Wireless can be integrated with any existing beacon based solution, but can also provide our own non invasive beacon technology at a low cost of ownership, allowing extension of Legacy systems at low adoption cost.

IT Interface

Yo Beacon® is a simple to use solution, that requires no IT interfaces to connect to core retail data network. Yo Beacon® connects to the existing infrastructure using a wireless connection, just as a client device does. It does not broadcast (transmit) any SSID that devices will be able to see or connect to.


It will be set up on a whitelist through the guest WiFi, so that it has a connection to the cloud based server. Using this methodology design ensures that there is no risk or interference to your existing network