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Great For Business

With flexible creativity at your fingertips, setting up by location or by group in multiple languages all customised to suit your customers needs.

Who is Connecting

Authenticate your customers via Email login, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Loyalty card, PMS, vouchers code, there are no limitations.

Bespoke Options

Set parameters for different types of authentication, bandwidth limitation, limited time per time period, slow speed general access, high-speed access.

Post Authentication

After authentication, we redirect the client to any website required. This could be a general page giving accurate information like a page giving them local information.

Public Access

Constant information and the ability to keep in touch using SMS, Email, social media.


Be it via wired or wireless LAN: Yo Wireless allows you to set up secure Internet access accounts.

The Answer

Yo Wireless is a cloud-based SaaS solution for WiFi providers that allows you to authenticate and control access to the internet.


These are the priorities in this modern age of information and communications for your consumers.

The Law

Opening up your wireless network to unauthenticated users exposes you to many risks.

Peace of Mind

This authentication, before your Clients use the internet, ensures that you are complying with any and all the regulations required.

Yo Wireless is a cloud based authentication Service

What is the Yo Wireless Service?

Offering your customers access to the internet is as essential as providing rest facilities. Persons of all types now use the internet on mobile devices to keep in touch, keep up to date, or find information as and when required.

It is essential that you know/track who is using your internet, and this becomes especially important when the Digital Economy Act 2010 /rev 2012 and GDPR came into place.

Each visitor/customer connecting to your wireless network using the Yo Wireless service is authenticated using our globally positioned servers. Their details are collected and stored for reference at a later date if required.

If you do not use this type of service, you will be responsible for keeping records of the device MAC addresses and the contact details for all users who access your Internet connection.

Be in Control

Using your current WiFi supplier, can you identify the actual user of the internet at any time?

Guest Access Security

We Deliver

We know our business, we know our customers, but we do not claim to know your customers. However, we will strive to understand your aims, targets, and when we deliver our solutions to you, for your clients, you will know what you have exceeds your competitors.

We deliver what you believe your customers need.