Who are Yo Wireless?

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Unlike many providers of WiFi solutions, we at Yo Wireless have a single belief that we operate our services for YOU the customer and as such all data belongs to you and therefore we NEVER charge for enabling that data for your use. Of course, all data is subject to Data Protection legislation, and you must use such information responsibly.

Our ethos is in our name; YO stands for “Your Own” i.e. Your Own WiFi, Your Own Data, Your Own Analytics, etc. Not all providers are the same.

We are a genuinely a global business, whether you have one outlet in the UK or 3000 outlets in 70 countries, we are scalable to meet all needs/structures. We are skilled in the area of Point of Sale, Solutions, Retail Operations and Hospitality having provided fully integrated technologies around the Globe to some of the largest household names during the past 30 years.  

With a combined 120 years of experience in product design, manufacture and service solutions, we understand what it means to establish cost rationale for solutions in these sectors.

Yo Wireless can design, install and maintain Wireless LAN technology on a global basis, with global partners and offices in Canada, USA, Spain, Ukraine, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. We provide as standard 24/7 helpdesk with real and relevant engineering support.

In short, we are the best by design and experience for all your WiFi, Proximity, Analytics and Loyalty/Reward Solutions.

 What Do We Do?

Guest or Visitor Internet Access

Provide QoS based internet access to your customers/visitors with a look and feel that makes it Your Own Wireless.

Visitor Analytics

Understanding your customer is vital, we provide layers of information at varying levels, but at the simple guest level, you can establish how often customers visit, how long they stay, do they visit other stores in your group, how much data they used, etc. This is then linked with a loyalty scheme can also provide purchasing information and when linked with our Location Specific Solutions, can be location specific.

In Context Messaging

Communicate with your customer with relevance and extend loyalty based reward options.

Loyalty & e-Loyalty Schemes

Don’t have a loyalty scheme? We can do that by providing either physical (card based) or virtual via your customer relationship in conjunction with Your Own Wireless solution.

Proximity and Assisted Selling

Interact with clients in the shop or at the table/bar by extending tablet access to information, choices and colour to the customer, and join up the PoS solution with the Cloud using our D2C technology and deliver assistance in the sale process.

Location Specific Services

Utilising our Patented Yo Beacon© technology, bigger venues can pinpoint the location of customers about specific areas and take in context communications to a different level. Marketing teams will benefit from a complete customer scenario singularly or on mass, including how in-store advertising has worked or in real time is working.

Desk 2 Cloud/PoS

With our sister business, we can supply or integrate pre-existing PoS solutions, whether HQ oriented or Venue by Venue to a full blown D2C operational environment at little cost. The days of just hospitality taking the terminal to the customer are gone, and our solutions enable this for all businesses in a very cost efficient manner without the unnecessary replacement of the pre-existing PoS solution.

Wireless LAN, WAN and Device Agnostic

All of our solutions are fully functional on any product, so to put this into context. If your or your customer’s choice of LAN in Cisco, HP, Motorola, etc. our solutions function perfectly well with all brands. In fact, we’ve never found a LAN solution that we can’t utilise. Same with devices, our solution will function with any device used to search the internet, access mail, etc.


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